The many health benefits of meditation



We live in a world marred by distraction. Our minds are always racing, and we constantly seek some thing or the other to meet our needs and desires. As Buddha says, we’re hurling from one pleasant experience to the next – “What’s for lunch?”, “how will my boss like the new proposal I printed out and left on his desk hours ago?”, “how do I want to plan my weekend?” – it’s an endless rant which doesn’t pipe down till you hit the pillow.

Eckhart Tolle refers to this as your inner voice, an inner narrator who constantly seeks perfection, validation or consciousness. He says, “Once you identify that your mind won’t stop, you need to find an anchor for presence. One that’ll cut through the momentum that is your racing thoughts.” If you’re thinking, why break the chain of thought, why worry about it all then Dan Haris, author of 10% Happier answers this perfectly. He says, ” We spend a whole lot of time on our bodies, our stock portfolios and home decor. But very rarely do we spend time fine tuning the filter through which we experience it all: our minds.”

Meditation has been identified as a practice that makes you stronger, better and more efficient at work. It helps you become more focused and less confused. It disciplines your mind and encourages a culture of mindfulness or living in the present. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t promise to pull you out of misery but instead put you on the path of positive thinking. And Ariana Huffington, Novak Djokovic, Katy Perry, the rich and successful on Wall Street, and the young and restless in Silicon Valley will tell you that it absolutely does!

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