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The Majesty of the Present: Clifford Saron at TEDx UCDavis

In this contemplative talk presented back in 2012 at UCDavis, Dr. Clifford Saron from the Center for Mind and Brain examines the physiological effects of meditation. Through his findings he describes the concrete benefits of inward and present minded thinking.

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Five videos that prove meditation is the new brain medicine

From the Huffington Post

mindfulness-meditation-articleJune 21st 2015 marked the first official International Day of Yoga as declared by United Nations recognising the holistic benefits of the timeless ancient practice.

With technological advancements, scientists in the West have been able to prove the mental and physical benefits of yoga and meditation. This really helps people like us coaching individuals to make use of mind-body remedies for health and fitness, while separating out associated religious, social or cultural nuances.

In honour of the International Day of Yoga, here are few science-based videos supporting the holistic benefits of meditation (meditation = yoga of mind with higher state of personal consciousness).

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